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Speed Reader-X is Used by Schools across the USA and Europe including:

  • Hobbes Municipal Schools NM
  • Faribault Public Schools Fairbault MN
  • Mr. Schultz's class, Colfax Ave Elementary School, North Hollywood, CA
  • Cornerstone Christian Church Clarksville TN
  • Hortonville School district, Hortonville Middle School in Hortonville WI
  • Monte Olivo School Doral, FL
  • Bayless High School, St Louis MO
  • Tri-County Special Education in Independence, KS
  • Saddleback Community College in
    Mission Viejo, CA

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This is a speed reading system that actually works and educators know it.



Hi, I'm using SpeedReader X 5.0, and I like it. ... Just at day 3, but I'm practicing at 5,000 wpm and reading at 1000 or so.

Greg Samuels Chicago IL

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 This is the obvious next step after learning to read. This is the system they should be teaching in school.

Mary Weller of Bernard High School

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I graduated with a masters degree but only after using SpeedReader-X did I realize I was still reading at a first grade level.

Mike Worth Houston Texas

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I tried reading a book on speed reading but by the time I made it to chapter 3 they were still telling me how great their system was and how many success stories they had....With Speed Reader-X I was learning with lesson one and I had tripled my reading speed by lesson three.

Felicia Hogan - Mother

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The Most Comprehensive Speed Reading System

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There is an elite group of people walking among us. People with unseen abilities that give them an advantage in every aspect of life.

I saw a small boy on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. Yes, it was that long ago. I watched as this little boy was handed a paperback book and he proceeded to flip through the pages as fast as his little fingers could go.

Zipping down each page, he read through the entire book in two minutes. I thought he was some kind of gifted prodigy with an amazing unique ability or maybe it was just a trick. Was I ever wrong. I forgot about that evening with Johnny Carson until twenty years later when I discovered the secret behind speed reading. It was right under my nose the whole time.

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  The Speed Reader-X system can change the way you read. You will quickly find speed reading techniques are easier than regular slow reading. Speed-Reading is not 'pushing harder'. Anyone can push harder and read faster, but this only works for a few sentences. The techniques our system teaches you will change how you read and make reading magazines and books as easy as watching a movie.  
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Photoreading has been discredited and new methods have replaced this old system. If you want to read faster, then speed reader x is the system for you. Reading fast is the number one advantage cited by corporate CEO's. Rapid Reading skills are critical to success in school and business. Reading faster will help you in school. You truly can become a speed reader. Imagine how fast you could have finished this page if you could speed read, you can, you only need to know the secret. Originally discovered by Evelyn Wood, is now taught in many countries. You can learn how to read faster with speed reader x. You can learn to speed read with This program uses many reading techniques that are not taught by any other system. makes speed learning possible. You can improve your reading skills, improve your speed comprehension, and improve reading comprehension with the full system. We teach reading skills that you need to become a speed reader. Take reading tests to monitor your progress. Improve your study skills with the additional bonus information that is included. Increase reading fun for you and your family. You should see a speed improvement in the first three lessons. The Speed Reader-X system includes ten speed courses which are designed to speed your improvement in reading speed and your comprehension. This speed course will work for anyone, of any intelligence level. Speedread your way to success. but there are other, better programs.and the Reading soft online reading test speed brain methods and speed classes are old methods that have been replaced by the new and improved SpeedReader-X system. , they will not teach you anything. You need a software trainer to learn to speed fast down the highway of reading skills. speedreaderx is a much better speedreader or program than the one from The best choice is speedreader x over evelyn wood maximum too because it is much faster and the software is simple to use. The old buzan speed reading system tutorial is outdated and new software performs better.