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Do you struggle to understand or remember what you read?

Many readers suffer from poor comprehension but there is an easy solution...

Which of these problems do you want to beat?

  • Slow reading speeds
  • Poor understanding when you read
  • Reading without remembering
  • Being bored when reading
  • Frustration when reading
  • Unable to understand what you read
  • Knowing that other people see more in the words than you do

These all have a common cause and it is called Comprehension. Comprehension means understanding what you read. Not just saying the words, but truly understanding the meaning and being able to explain what you have read to someone else.

Memory and comprehension are directly linked. If you do not comprehend what you are reading, it is impossible to remember it.



UltraMind Improvement Studio™ Can Solve Your Reading Problems!

Comprehension and Memory Improvement

The Ultra Mind Improvement Studio let's you sit back and watch the instructor as he explains how you can use simple techniques to improve both your memory and your reading comprehension. You will discover the secrets used by good readers and how you can use the same shortcuts to improve your reading skills.


Comprehension Training System

Do you understand everything you read? Do you find yourself reading to the end of a paragraph, then you look up and have no idea what you just read? The problem is your comprehension.


According to The National Adult Literacy Survey, National Center for Education Statistics: Nearly 50% of the Americans surveyed cannot read well enough to find a single piece of information in a short publication, nor can they make low level inferences based on what they read

According to a report in the Journal of American Medicine, Emory University/UCLA study, reported in JAMA, 12-95, 41.6% of American patients could not comprehend directions for taking medication on an empty stomach. Another 26% were unable to understand information explaining when their next appointment was scheduled, and 50.5% could not understand a standard medical consent form.

According to ACT(The independent, not-for-profit organization American College Tests, Iowa, 2005), Only Half of ACT Test-Takers Have College-Ready Reading Comprehension Skills and they go on to say:

"Reading skills are critical to a student's success in college courses across the board, but particularly in the areas of social sciences and humanities. First-year college students who don't have adequate reading comprehension skills are likely to struggle in courses such as history, sociology, literature, business and others that require extensive reading.

About half of ACT-tested 2005 high school graduates lack at least some of these reading comprehension skills, based on ACT's new College Readiness Benchmark in reading. ACT College Readiness Benchmarks are scores that indicate a student has a high probability of success (with "success" defined by ACT as earning a "C" grade or higher) in specific entry-level college courses."

Many people do not even realize they have poor comprehension. They assume everyone reads the same as they do, or they read in a mechanical way that prevents them from retaining any information. Maybe you can read, but you do not remember hardly anything and you do not know what is causing the problem. If you read and do not understand, this video program will reveal new methods you can use to truly understand what you read, without the confusion, without re-reading, without the frustration.

Many schools once had a belief that you Got-It or you didn't when it came to comprehension. We now know that to be false. Comprehension can be taught. Unfortunately many people were never given the tools they needed to read properly. They do not know the fun and excitement of reading a novel because they were never shown how they could understand what they are reading.

A man sits in a fast food restaurant, eating his burger as he listens to the group in the booth behind him excitedly discussing a book they have all read. The man is confused. How can anyone be excited about reading a book? How can it be so much fun? When the man reads, he only experiences stress and frustration, not fun and enjoyment. He associates reading with feelings of inadequacy, feelings of stupidity, fear that he may be asked to read something for school or work, and embarrassment if he has to read in front of others. He is an intelligent person but he still does not read well. He cannot remember more than a few words when he has finished reading a page. Stories make no sense to him. He is missing a huge part of life because he does not know the right way to read. He learned to read in a mechanical way that processes the words and nothing more. He never learned the secret to reading comprehension and this leaves him shut out of not only a world of reading enjoyment, but employment opportunities, education opportunities, and sharing experiences with others who have good comprehension.

Tests and exams become a nightmare for those who have poor reading comprehension. A smart student can never be successful in school or at any job(other than ditch digger) if they cannot comprehend and understand questions on an exam. You and your children must have the skills and strategies needed to truly understand what you read.

You may understand some of what you read but that is never enough. Only understanding half of a news story, half of a business report, half of a book, can easily mislead you into thinking something is true which is in fact false, or if you only understand half of a business report, you may make a suggestion to your boss that is completely wrong. If you only understand half of a book, it will make little sense to you. You must improve your comprehension or you are putting yourself at a disadvantage throughout life.

Strategies to improve your comprehension DO exist.

Discover the secrets to good comprehension:

  • The Secret to Understanding - Breaking out of the mechanical reading jail
  • Learn how to Visualize, make stories come to life and find pleasure in reading
  • Why you use Rubber Stamp Reading methods and how they destroy comprehension
  • Importance of Purpose and Focus and how to make them automatic so you can turn your reading ability into a laser beam of concentration.
  • Using Vocabulary and Structure to improve Comprehension
  • Pleasure reading and how to make it pleasurable so you enjoy reading anything
  • Inference - the secret to understanding what is not said, you will never be confused again
  • Dealing with Confusion - find the door to understanding, the one step solution to confusion problems
  • Good Reading Habits - how to read the same way good-readers do and enjoy it.
  • Parents - How to teach your children reading skills even before they can read(and why you must start now)

Over 4 Hours of Video Instruction Plus additional Material, and Memory Games

comprehension screenshot

This is the software trainer for the Comprehension and Memory lessons. This is a separate training system from the Speed Reader-X system and is a complete course in itself. It includes Comprehension and Memory Improvement courses. It also includes Mind Enhancement training, Brain Teasers, Vocabulary Improvement, and more. Try it by clicking HERE you have nothing to lose, and a world of reading pleasure to gain.

You may have been a victim of a poor school system. In the past, many school systems and teachers believed that when it came to comprehension, you got-it or you didn't. Today we know this is simply false. Comprehension can be taught and improved even for adults.

The last thing a poor reader needs is a book explaining how to read. My program contains no filler, no long boring stories, no obscure teaching theory. It is a carefully chosen, simple strategy approach that gives you the step by step tips you need to improve your reading. The classes are divided into easy to digest chunks with clear and simple objectives that yield immediate results.

This course benefits both good readers and poor readers. Good readers are only good at reading some material and when they run into more difficult material they freeze up. They do not know what to do. They have hit a brick wall because they are accustomed to reading and understanding certain material well, but when they encounter material they cannot as easily comprehend, it stops them cold. Then they have no idea how to fix the situation and the result is frustration and they eventually quit trying to read anything outside their zone of comfort.

Even good readers need to know the reading strategies that improve comprehension so they can apply them when they encounter more difficult material.

This course can be used by adults, children, and parents who want to help their children improve comprehension. Many adults do not discover these methods until college and some not until retirement. A full life without being able to enjoy reading only because they did not know the simple techniques that make reading fun.

Today schools dump more and more work on students, while at the same time complaining that the student's reading ability is below normal. They then do nothing to fix the problem except dump more work on them. We need to fix the reading comprehension problem, then students can more easily deal with the work they are required to do.


Literacy is a major problem today. The cause is not dumb students. It is students who do not have the skills they need to understand what they are reading. They can sound out words and then look at you blankly when asked what they just read. They are taught a mechanical reading method that leaves them clueless about the meaning. Comprehension is the sword that can slay illiteracy problems.

Speed Reading

This comprehension course is designed for both speed readers and non-speed readers and will benefit you.

Attention Parents :

This comprehension system also has special areas for parents who want to help their young children improve reading skills. You can learn how to teach reading comprehension to your child even before they start reading(which is the best time, before bad habits form). This will give them a great advantage when they begin learning the mechanics of reading. The parents section explains how you can lead your child to a love of books and reading. You can use techniques to build your child's curiosity which makes them want to read. Teaching reading skills to your child will affect them for the rest of their lives and especially in school. Comprehension strategies can be woven into your own reading with your child. You may be reading to your young child now, but are you reading the right way? Simply reading with a child is not enough. You must know how to do it so the child becomes involved and is educated not only about the story you are reading, but about how to improve reading skills.


Full Instruction

Each lesson includes a video instructor explaining the methods you can use to improve your comprehension. The memory section includes an additional 10 lessons where the video instructor explains memory and gives you a list of shortcuts you can use to instantly improve your memory.

Learn how people are able to memorize long numbers quickly. Learn how people are able to memorize phone books, and, apply these methods to your own life.

Can you memorize Pi to 50 decimal places?

3.14159 26535 89793 23846 26433 83279 50288 41971 69399 37510

The Ultra Mind Memory course teaches you a simple method that you can use to memorize this or any even longer number.

These are the the same instructor lessons from our online training system but they are on CD-ROM with even more material and memory games.

If you have trouble understanding what you read, then it makes no sense to try to improve your reading skills by READING a book! There is no way you would understand a book on comprehension. You need the information in a way you can easily understand and review, without frustration. These video tutorials allow you to discover the techniques you can use to instantly improve your reading.


Memory Training System

The simple memory games you see in supermarket books or the silly computer games that make you think you are learning when you are really just clicking images do not improve your memory. The real techniques to improving memory so you can remember what you read, facts, names, dates, long numbers, lists, are contained in this special training course. This is a serious memory training course only for those who who want to improve their memory immediately.

Have you been introduced to someone and then you forget their name by end of the conversation. Do you forget their name by the time they shake your hand? Some simple memory tricks can teach you how to lock names into your memory forever.

There are two parts to your memory. Short Term and Long Term. Your short term memory takes in everything and if it is judged as unimportant, it is thrown out and forgotten. Only important events are passed into the long term memory. You can train your short term memory to selectively move information to your long term memory so you can recall it later. This is why people forget names, numbers, and important events. Their short term memory never passes the information to long term memory where it can be recalled later. You can learn simple methods that will trick your short term memory into moving important information to your long term memory so you can easily recall it when you need it.

If you want to improve your memory this is the easiest and fastest method. Discover methods of memory improvement that you can apply every day.

Each of the 10 lessons include an instructor revealing memory improvement methods that you can apply immediately.

Get your CD Training Course Now, Click HERE. or take the full Online Comprehension Training Course and you can start immediately with no waiting for CD's in the mail.


The video instructor explains the lesson and you can follow along with the text to see the examples more clearly.


After each lesson you can try out the methods you have learned. The results are stored in a graph. There is a different graph for each section, five in total.


The memory training section tests and improves your ability to remembered number sequences, lists of names and words, and your image memory. The memory section explains techniques you can use to improve your memory which are practiced here.




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Improve Your Comprehension and Memory Now


From Confusion to Clarity.

The idea that you can improve your reading skills may still seem overwhelming. It is actually very simple. Unfortunately, many people finish school without ever being told any of the techniques to improve their comprehension. They may even take remedial reading classes which are supposed to improve comprehension and fail. The reason is not because of the student. It is because many of these classes become so bogged down in hand-out's and exercises, the teacher never bothers to explain what the student is supposed to learn. They student does not know what they should focus on. As a result, remedial reading classes become just another class the student must struggle to mechanically complete without gaining anything from the work. They are lost because they drown in the exercises without anyone explaining the purpose of the exercises to them. The students are told to read a passage and answer questions asked by the teacher. They do not know why they are doing these things. They do not know that the teacher is trying to show them a comprehension method that they can apply to their future reading and therefore they never use or benefit from the method the teacher is trying to teach. This comprehension system has no fluff in it, no time wasting exercises, and no filler. It cuts to the point immediately and gives you a series of techniques that are proven to increase comprehension.


You need these skills to be competitive in today's workplace and in school.


Some very important things you should know:

I promise you will benefit from this course, if you do not, then....

I feel so strongly that everyone should learn how to improve their memory and reading comprehension, I am offering an unprecedented 90 day satisfaction guarantee. If you should decide that the program is not for you, simply return the program for a refund. I am confident that once you use the system you will see the improvement in your life. This new interactive video training system makes it easier than ever to learn. This is your chance to join the elite group of people in the world who enjoy reading and read book after book just for the pleasure it gives them. Don't miss this opportunity! If you order now I will also include a special bonus described below.


My Promise to You

Michael Ford, Creator of the Speed Reader-X Training System and founder of Elite Minds Inc

I have a very simple promise to make to you. If the "Ultra Mind Improvement Memory and Comprehension" system is not everything I've said it is, and if it doesn't for any reason transform your reading ability into a new and powerful experience filled with opportunities, return it for a full refund, no questions asked.

Since Speed Reader-X came out, we have had so few refund requests for the many thousands of units sold, I can confidently make this offer because I know my new Comprehension and Memory system is a quality system that can help you.

You've got 90 days to think about it, try it, test it, poke it and prod it. That should give you plenty of time to try out the reading techniques and memory improvement methods.


I hope you think so, because I've been told it's more than fair.

If you honestly believe you’re not learning, you get your money back. Simple as that.


Michael Ford

Creator of the Speed Reader-X Training System and President of Elite Minds Inc




UltraMind Improvement Studio™:

Memory and Comprehension Interactive Video Training Course

Ultra Mind Improvement Memory and Comprehension Audio CD Set

How To Improve Your Mind Now

Discover the reading skills that can improve your life.


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P. S. One other thing I feel compelled to tell you about.

Reading is the single most important skill anyone can have in today's information based society. If you cannot read both fast and with understanding, you or your children will be left behind very quickly. I believe it is important to give everyone the tools they need to be successful and speed reading is one of the best tools I have found.

If you are not ready to take advantage of this amazing offer, then request your free memory improvement eBook and sign-up for the FREE Speed Reading mini-course so you can at least get started doing something to improve your life.

Try out the Ultra Mind Improvement reading course for yourself and if you do not like it, you can cancel and receive a full refund in 90 days. You can also signup for the online version which has additional tests and vocabulary modules.

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  The Speed Reader-X system can change the way you read. You will quickly find speed reading techniques are easier than regular slow reading. Speed-Reading is not 'pushing harder'. Anyone can push harder and read faster, but this only works for a few sentences. The techniques our system teaches you will change how you read and make reading magazines and books as easy as watching a movie.  
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