I have sent you emails but received no reply

We receive emails every day that fit into one of the below categories.
Hotmail.com and aol.com are notoriously unreliable and well known for losing and bouncing email. Roadrunner, Erols.com, home.com, pacbell.net frequently bounce email. Setup an email account at a free service like netscape.net and send email from there. Also check your spam folder to see if our reply was incorrectly filtered.

If you can not send email from another account to your main account, then reply to it and receive the reply at the other account, you know YOUR main email account is not working.

If you did not receive a reply there are the following possibilities:

  • 1. The email address you specified as the reply address is not valid.
  • 2. The email address you specified as the reply address has a full mailbox and all mail to it is bouncing.
  • 3. The email address you listed in your request as the reply address is not your actual address
  • 4. You used one email address in the FROM: or REPLY-TO: fields which is known to be incorrect and asked for responses to be sent to a different address(set your REPLY-TO address to the correct address before emailing, we receive hundreds of emails so cannot possibly play detective and figure out people's real address, we only respond to the address you provide as the reply-to address in the reply-to field.)
  • 5. You have not read the email for the email address specified as FROM/REPLY-TO in the mail you sent.
  • 6. You are on AOL and have your settings set incorrectly to block valid emails or you used a screen name that is not valid and your reply bounced because you used an invalid screen name.
  • 7. The email address you specified as the reply address is not yours so someone else received the email and deleted it.
  • 8. You sent email to another company or to an incorrect support address.
  • 9. You sent HTML encoded email and it was automatically deleted as spam, set your mail program settings to send only plain text emails. No one has a legitimate reason to send html emails.
  • 10. You sent an image or other attachment with no text explaining what the message was or no subject and it was deleted as spam. Do not send images or screen shots or .DOC files. We will not open .doc files, they are filtered as viruses.
  • 11. You sent email through Paypal and the email address you have listed with them was invalid. When we receive a paypal payment notice or ebay question we can only respond to the address provided, we have no way of knowing you have changed addresses.
  • 12. You are using a spam-mail blocking service that blocks all of your incoming email. We do not register
    with every mail filtering service on the Internet. We will not be able to respond to any spam filtering service that requires a reply or confirmation before email is allowed. If you use mail-block.com or similar 'challenge-reply' services, you will never receive the automated confirmation or any other reply while mail-block is blocking all of your email(obviously). Use an email address that does not use such a service to communicate with us.
  • 13. You are filtering spam and have your filter settings set incorrectly which means it is moving mail to a folder or deleting mail that should not be deleted.
  • 14. You are sending mail from a roadrunner *.rr.com address. Roadrunner is filtering your email and blocking approximately 45% of all internet sites. That means there is only a 50/50 chance that you will ever receive a reply to anyone you email. If you have roadrunner service you should a) complain to roadrunner about their non-functional system which they have refused to fix, b) get a decent email account elsewhere(try netscape.com, gmail.com, or another free email service) You should also know that roadrunner has intentionally begun blocking automated error messages to prevent it's users from knowing that their mail was not delivered or that it has bounced.
  • 15 You are sending mail from an aol.com address. If your email account settings are not set correctly, legitimate emails will be filtered or bounced. AOL is one of the worst companies to lose emails plus they can delay delivery of emails for hours. We prefer that you not use an AOL.com address to contact us because AOL loses so much mail it is unlikely you will receive our reply.
  • 16. You sent email with either no subject or a spam style subject. Use a real subject. Subjects such as 'help me' or 'now what' will be automatically deleted as spam since such subjects are commonly used by spammers. Use common sense subjects that include the product name such as 'cant install productname, need directions'.
  • 17. The email was simply lost, try asking again, if you still do not receive a reply then see the above possibilities or register at a known good free mail service.

    Some ISP's may also be on blacklists as known spammers. If your ISP is on one of these lists, it may result in your email being marked as spam and never being delivered to us. If you do not believe your email is making it to us, try sending from another mail service. You can setup a free email account at gmail.com, hotmail.com, or netscape.com and these are very reliable. You can also reach us through our trouble ticket system by clicking Contact Us on any page of the website.