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Frequently Asked Questions And Their Answers

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Can I really triple my reading speed?

The average person reads around 200 words per minute(wpm). It is not unrealistic to double or triple your speed after mastering the first 3 lessons. Individual results vary and results depend on the amount of effort you put into it. The beauty of the program is that you can practice anytime you read a newspaper, magazine, or book. Once you complete the short practice lesson, you can practice on everything you read. All you have to do is try and that is easy since you are reading daily anyway.


Where can I find more information on Speed Reading or Comprehension?

See this article on Speed Reading. This article was prepared for a number of parenting magazines so you may see it published elsewhere. Some common speed reading myths are debunked in this article.


What is new in the Online Version?

The new Online version includes additional Comprehension and Memory training in addition to a new Speed Reader-X training system that now includes audio introductions. Find out all the details on our Speed Reader-X Comprehension and Memory Page

This is a completely new system.

If you have already signed up and need to log-in, you can find the login information in your confirmation email and you can reach the member page HERE

See more FAQ questions about the online system HERE.

What is new in the CD-ROM Version 6.0?

Version 6.0 is a full rewrite of the software with new features and enhancements.

  • Video instruction is included for each lesson and for other areas
  • Eye warm-up exercises are optionally available before each lesson
  • Tachioscope style practice exercises are available in the Training Center where you can set the speed, select your own custom material, improve both word and image recognition skills and more.
  • Enhanced and improved pre-lesson instructions
  • Additional support material including extra help and getting started guides
  • Teacher's Guide for schools using Speed Reader-X(available only to teachers)
  • Improved Practice Section with bookmarking and custom text options.



What is the difference between the online and CD-ROM version?

You can find details about Speed Reader-X online plus the Ultra Mind comprehension/memory training on the Speed Reader-X Online page. You can find details about the CD version on the CD page.

The online course gives you instant access without waiting for a CD.

The online version works with MacOSX, Linux, Windows, and other operating systems.

The online system also includes links to all of the eBooks from the free eBook disk instead of a physical DVD.

The CD version of Speed Reader X does not require internet access and does not expire. The online subscription lasts for one year.

The CD versions of both programs include a few additional exercises.

Both are excellent choices. You only have to decide if you want to start immediately with the online system or if you want to wait for the CD-ROM version to be delivered.


Which should I get, the online or CD Version?

For both Speed Reader-X and the UltraMind Improvement Studio, if you have a Windows computer, we recommend the CD version. It includes the bonus DVD plus additional reading material and bonus features and content.

If you have an operating system other than windows, or if you are unsure you will receive a package shipped to you(such as some countries with unreliable mail systems), or if you want to start immediately and not wait for a CD in the mail, select the online option.


I am having trouble ordering, Help ?

Our online ordering system should process any order including international orders. If you have trouble with the quick order form, try the shopping cart HERE Please let us know if you have problems or find anything on the website confusing. We will be glad to help you and if you are having trouble, others may have the same trouble. We would love the opportunity to improve our site or ordering system. You can always reach us through the trouble ticket system or by email.


How do I install the CD software?

When you insert the CD in your computer, it should open a menu automatically If it does not start automatically, simply open My Computer, double click on your CD/DVD Drive and double click autorun.exe or start.exe.

The Online version does not require any installation. Simply login to your account using the username and password that were emailed to you.


Does the software teach Comprehension?

Speed Reader-X teaches speed techniques which must be learned first. The UltraMind system teaches comprehension and can be used by itself for normal reading or after Speed Reader-X for speed reading comprehension.

The Online Training System includes both Comprehension and Memory training Classes. These are full classes which include audio instruction. They are suitable for both speed readers and non-speed readers to improve memory and comprehension. The memory and comprehension classes are two separate classes and are both included in the Ultra Mind Improvement Studio.


I am having trouble installing the CD software, what do I do?

A good fix-all solution is to reboot your computer. This will clear out any software or any operating system problems that have occurred. Try re-installing the software again.


Where can I find more details and screen shots of the software ?

We have screen shots on the Software page along with an explanation of each page.


Who can benefit from Speed Reader X®?

Speed Reader X® is for everyone. It has been tested with children age 8 and up as well as adults. Younger children should have strong reading skills usually, however, this is not always a requirement. Some young children immediately take to the methods taught in Speed Reader-X and find them easier than normal reading. Slow readers can benefit from speed reading techniques. Even fast readers can learn techniques to become faster and improve their understanding.


Does Speed Reader X® include eye exercises?

Our research showed that the eye coordination exercises were not useful for exercising the eye. However, they are useful for focus and concentration immediately before a practice session. Suitable exercises are included and shown before each lesson. We also provide a modernized tachioscope exercise center which allows you to load your own material and read it using a tachioscope system. This is an exercise that will train your brain to recognize words at extremely high speeds.

If you or your child plays video games, then you both already have the eye movement skills needed. If you drive a car, use a computer, play tennis, or participate in any other visual activity, and you have healthy eyes, you do not need to watch long exercises. The visual benefits of speed reading are a result of widening your field of vision, not exercising the eye. Our software is designed to make full and efficient use of your time. There are no eye exercises that are just there to kill time and make you feel like you are doing something. The exercises we include are strategic and designed to help you achieve results. We have designed the training system to teach speed reading without unnecessary filler.


Is there a fixed schedule I must follow?

No, our system does not restrict you to one session per day or any similar limitations. It is designed for everyone to follow at his or her own pace. You can use the system when you have time during the day. You can complete as many lessons as you wish or as few as you have time for. You can repeat lessons as many times as you need to. The Practice section allows you to practice at your own pace even if you choose to go faster or slower than the pre-set lessons.


Can my children use the software or only me?

Speed Reader-X(CD-ROM) has settings for Child and Adult reading levels. Each family member can create his or her own login which allows that member to keep his or her scores separate from other family members. Everyone has his own section, his own progress chart, and his own login to the software.

The Online version also allows each family member to create his or her own login to track progress.


Will I receive follow up sales calls or emails for other products?

NO! Never! We will not now or ever make any sales calls to your phone number. We only ask for a phone number to verify your credit card if there is a problem making the charge or a question about the order. We do not believe in out-call telemarketing. It is a form of harassment and we will never call you at home for the purpose of selling you anything. If you do not want to receive calls from any telemarketer, you should sign up at the National Do Not Call Registry to prevent most telemarketers from harassing you at home. Any bonus or special offers we make will be sent by regular mail to your postal mail box. We will not harass you by phone and we will not spam you.


How do I access the eBooks on the Bonus Disk?

Insert the disk in your computer's DVD drive. Make sure you have a DVD drive and not a CD drive. The DVD should automatically start, but if it does not, simply open your DVD drive from My Computer and double click on the index.html file. Follow the directions. The files are compressed in order to fit as many as possible on the DVD. If you need to unzip the compressed files we recommend the Evaluation version of WinZip at

If you are using the online system, click the Home link in the upper right corner of the member page after you select the Speed Reader-X member site, then you will see the link on that page.


How do I listen to the eBooks on my computer?

You can use the Microsoft® Text-To-Speech feature. For instructions and to download your free copy visit THIS link This program will not only read the supplied eBooks but will read aloud almost any text document or webpage. You can also listen to the ebooks on your MP3 player. Many MP3 Players support text-speech. You can also right click on a .txt file after installing the Microsoft® Text-To-Speech feature and select the option to turn it into an audio book. You can find additional voices for the reader on Microsoft's web site.


I can read the program disk but not the eBook disk, or I am having trouble reading a specific disk?

The software disk is a CD-ROM and will be readable by any CD or DVD computer drive that is in proper working order. The eBook DVD is in DVD format and cannot be read on older CD-ROM only drives. You must use a DVD computer drive to read the DVD disk. Most modern computers include a combo drive that will read both CD and DVD formats. If you are certain you have a DVD capable drive but still cannot read a disk, try reading the disk on another computer or laptop. If it still does not read, contact us and we will gladly arrange for a replacement.


Can I use the Speed Reader-X® CD-ROM on my Mac? On my Windows system?

The Speed Reader X® 6.0 software is for Windows® only The previous 5.0 version is still available for MacOSX®. MacOSX and Linux users should purchase the ONLINE version of the course. If your MacOSX computer can run Windows based programs then you may be able to use the CD version for Windows® Mac users can use the MacOSX installer on the CD or download the MacOSX 5.0 version from the online course.
The following versions are supported:

Windows 8 and later
Windows 7
Windows XP
Windows Vista
Windows 2000
Windows 2000 Advanced Server
Windows 2003 Server
Windows Media Center Edition
Windows Tablet Edition

MacOSX -Select the Online version. Not Supported by CD-ROM version.

System Requirements: If your computer can run Windows, it can run our software, there are no additional requirements. We do recommend at least 1 Gig of memory and a 500Mhz or faster computer, a display of 1024x768 or larger.


Some text is cut off in the CD-ROM version

The software is designed to display all text as shown in the example screen shots. If your Windows settings have been changed from the defaults it will not display correctly. This change will affect all programs and especially programs that depend on specific text sizes.

To solve the problem:
Right Click anywhere on the Desktop
Click Properties
Click Appearance Tab
Make sure Font size is "Normal"

For Vista and updated Windows XP systems use these instructions

Right Click anywhere on the Desktop
Click Properties
Click Settings Tab
Within Settings dialog box, select the Advanced button
Make sure the DPI setting is "Normal size (96 DPI)"


Do you ship to APO/FPO Addresses? PO Boxes?

Yes, we will gladly ship to Military addresses and to PO Boxes.



You can email our support department through the trouble ticket system anytime. We usually respond in a few hours but please allow up to 48 hours. Providing support by this system allows us to provide complete answers, in a written form that you can easily follow plus it gives our support staff the opportunity to research the answer to any questions they may not have the answer to. You can also access the answer without depending on unreliable mail systems(such as,


I have emailed you but received no reply

We always reply to customer questions. Someone can usually reply within a few hours but we almost always reply within 24-48 hours during the business week(not weekends or holidays). If you have emailed us and not received a reply in 48 hours, try contacting us through the trouble ticket system. Sometimes email is simply lost. If you still do not receive a reply, use the access key you were shown when you submitted your trouble ticket online to access our response through the trouble ticket system, no email needed. Also check our Most Common Causes Of Missing Email. You can also contact us through our trouble ticket system on the contact page


Can Speed Reader-X on CD-ROM be used in a networked classroom ?

No, Speed Reader-X requires the physical CD-ROM to run. The new version uses many large video files and other supplementary files which are stored on the CD.




Online Training FAQ (the below does not apply to the shipped CD-ROM)


How do I access my online account?

If you signed up for the online training system, go to and click the Sign In option.


I did not receive my password or login information, how do I login?

If you signed up for the online training system, your login information and password was emailed as soon as your order was completed. Check your spam folder if you did not receive it. If you are using a mail service like or similar service, they are very unreliable and may have lost your response. You can click the Forgot-Password link on the sign in page to have your information re-sent.


What is the online system and why would I want it?

You can find more information about the online training system which includes new audio Comprehension and Memory classes at


For screen shots and details about the online version of this training course, visit the Online Speed Reader-X Description Page.


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  The Speed Reader-X system can change the way you read. You will quickly find speed reading techniques are easier than regular slow reading. Speed-Reading is not 'pushing harder'. Anyone can push harder and read faster, but this only works for a few sentences. The techniques our system teaches you will change how you read and make reading magazines and books as easy as watching a movie.  
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