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We appreciate the feedback we have received from happy customers and would like to share some of their comments here.


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I received Speed Reader X for Christmas and I must say that it is the best speed reading program I have tried at an affordable price. I have tried them all, Mega Speed Reading, Photo Reading, Evelyn Wood, you name it, I've tried it. My first experience was with the Mega speed reading program. Double to triple your reading speed sounded great...SOUNDED GREAT. Then I realized that my original reading speed was only 100 words per minute. Way below average. Doubling my reading speed would only put me at 200 words per minute, still below average. The entire 6 hour course included only 16 minutes of useful information. One piece of information came from the advertisement and not even part of the program. (See what your reading like a movie.) All other programs produced similar results. Plus measuring your speed was a pain. This was back in the mid to late 90's. A few years ago, I did an internet search and found that all the 100,000 a word promises were a scam. I discovered speed reader X and your story basically restated my story. Everything I went through was stated in your background. The price was also affordable for at least a daring try. (not more $150 risks that fail.) Amazingly in your short 10 page manual, you included everything that I discovered through research over the past 10 years about speed reading and more. I was glad to see that you provide the option of 10,000 words per minute through the practice drills. I am also glad that you can customize your own text while taking the practice drill so you're not reading the same passage each time you practice.

My request: I wish that you could customize the text that you are actually taking a test on your speed in as you do when you practice at different speeds. I do not feel that I am getting an accurate reading speed when I am tested on the exact same reading passage each time I want to test myself. I find that I am not reading it but I am just going back over what I almost have memorized. If you could somehow make a patch or add on to the program so I could pull in new text to test my reading speed on, this would be the best program in existence, (Believe me, I've tried them all.) Be able to customize the way you can customize and choose text in the practice speed drills. This addition would be greatly appreciated.

D. Smith

D. Smith: We are working on an updated online version. The lessons will remain fixed because the material, length and other factors are specifically chosen for each lesson but you can use the Practice Section to load your own material and customize your learning experience by varying the settings.

Thanks for the feedback

Hi. I'm on chapter 3 and have already went from 240 wpm to over 500 wpm.



Andrew Romeo Orange Park FL

By Lesson 4 I feel like I am able to read faster. Whether or not I actually can and even if I'm not comprehending anything, doesn't matter, because by lesson 4 I "feel" I've gained something and I believe that with practice and continuing the SRX lessons I will be able to read faster.

Basically, I think the average individual will be more than satisfied with SRX..

Michael Cris - California Sept 2005

I'm an IT professional working for the USGA and I was working on someone's PC when I noticed that they had this software called Speed Reader X. I asked the user how is the program and if it actually works. The user works in our Rules and Regulations department so they they have to go through a lot of documentation and she told me that she goes through the documentation very quickly because of the fact that she knows how to read quickly AND RETAIN the information she just read.

She recommended the product highly so I am purchasing it because I do plan on going back to school. Knowing how to speed read will give me that edge. I can't wait to try it.

by Oscar Parada


Hi, I'm using SpeedReader X 5.0, and I like it. ... Just at day 3, but I'm practicing at 5,000 wpm and reading at 1000 or so.

Greg Samuels Chicago IL

As you may know, RIGHT BRAIN KIDS one of your affiliates. We've been using Speed Reader X constantly in our classes with children since 2006.
We use a lot of tools for speed reading, but once the children get to a certain point, only computer-aides will do! They are much too fast for our card flipping!

Pamela H. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

From: Gabriel Torres Martinez Subject: product request

Hello, my name is Gabriel Torres, I live in NZ, I spent last night on the computer trying the demo version of your product, and I am really amazed of how quickly it makes me improve, I have been trying for long time to use the book of Evelyn Wood, and I've found always as a very important obstacle the fact that it takes too much time, also that I cannot push the speed up and then keep it up, I naturally slow down no matter what, but with this software it's so easy!!!, it also makes me want to come and do it, because there's no delays, click and go. I wanted to read a small book from OG Mandino, "El vendedor mas grande del mundo" (in Spanish), and I did it in no time, by setting the speed reading at 500 wpm, that's double than what I used to read.

I'm desperate to get my hands on the full version, maybe I can do something to get a copy so I don't have to wait for a couple of months before I can spare the money for it. Thank you very much for your time, I wish you the best of the luck, and I hope one day every person in this world can have this software in their computers.

Best regards, Gabriel Torres (and little Agostina and Ana Laura) THANK YOU.


I've studied speed reading for several years and overall I'll agree with the good reviews that SpeedReaderX has. The manual is super-condenced with all the fluff taken out. All of the key concepts seem to in in there.

Steve(Western Washington)

This is so fun to learn with. If I can do it anyone can with the help of this cd!!!


Speed reading is based on getting your eyes to move quickly horizontally across the page and reading groups of words. This program does both of these things well. The key is practicing regularly because just like learning any new skill it takes some time. ... Overall, I am happy with the program and would recommend it because it is an excellent value for the money.

Cynthia Gardner(Wichita Kansas)

My daughter, who is a poor reader working on a high school level loves this program. She says her reading got better in the first couple of weeks. This girls doesn't like to read at all!!! So...thats a miracle

QueenG(Amazon Reviewer)

Compared to many other speed reading packages that I have been offered, Speed Reader X is very reasonably priced. It also does exactly 'what it says on the tin' - it gets on with speed reading right from the start. There is no unnecessary filling; just install the program, run it and it's straight into lesson 1, speed reading. There are ten lessons and as each one is completed the next one becomes available. The user is in control all the time and each lesson can be completed over and over until the the user is satisfied with the progress that is made. The program comes with 17,000 books to practice on, and there is guidance on how to read for leisure or for deep understanding, and how to measure progress. This is a good program that deals with the subject of speed reading in a straightforward manner and I would be surprised if any other program, costing ten times the price, was very much better.

F. West (United Kingdom)


I tried reading a book on speed reading but by the time I made it to chapter 3 they were still telling me how great their system was and how many success tories they had....With SpeedReader-X I was learning with lesson one and I had tripled my reading speed by lesson three.

Felicia Hogan - Mother

I have studied a number of speed reading books...Speed Reader-X...combines the most efficient speed reading strategies without the fluff others use to pad out their books... The best accelerative reading program I have found.

John Richards PhD

My life has truly improved. I was always behind in my reading for classes(University of Southern California) and constantly working to catch up. I would try to read ahead in the chapter just before class but eventually gave up and just sat there like a vegetable waiting for the instructor to pour knowledge in me. It never worked. After using speed reader X I can now zip through the lesson for the day in those few minutes. Plus between classes I can even catch up on my reading so when I go back to the dorm I can spend time doing homework instead of reading chapters. Anyway, I am sure you have hundreds of emails to go through but I wanted to say thanks and let you know speed reader x is the best investment I have made in a long time.

Erik W. Sophomore June 2005

I was more than pleased with your software but I really wanted to say how amazing the bonus ebook disk was. You really should promote it more. There are some true classics here, a library worth of books. I am stunned just reading over the titles. Thanks for including it and if there is ever a volume 2 I will be glad to buy that.

Ron Eaton

I bought your program for my two children. They are doing fine in school but I wanted to give them any advantage I could. When I saw the difference in their reading abilities after just a week I wa so impressed that I tried the program. Each night after they were in bed I was practicing and I cannot express what a difference it has made to me. I used to throw away magazines that I didnt have time to read, did I mention two kids who has time for anything, but now I can cover magazines and books at up to 600 words per amazing system.. I have recommended it to several friends.

Monica Landon Salt Lake City UT June 2005


I have been speed reading for a few months now and have made big improvements.


Hi - I did the free introductory sessions for speed reading and found them amazi ng. Thank you for offering this great package. I look forward to using it with my 9-yr old daughter also.

Thanks again.

Jeanne Alleva Phoenixville PA

I teach speed reading to 9th through 12th graders. My principal wants to eventually require all students to take this course....

Karon Amann

I had been a speed reader since I learn to read, no training, I just read sections of the page at the time. which I can keep reading it after put the book down. I used to joke about it and call it "scanning" while at the library with girls (yep, you can imagine my reasons). I am very curios about your product and see if I can read even more with your program.

San Diego CA

I was the kid having trouble reading but your lessons really helped out me out. so I just wanted to say thank you for making academics a lot easier for me. Especially since I have sports and clubs and pretty soon a job with two more yrs. of high school left to make it the best I can.

Sincerely Paul Romanov


I see that your business is located in Camarillo, CA, which is near where I grew up and, in the terrific public school system, took a speed reading course in summer school. I was 11 years old. The class taught what you describe in your course, including eliminating subvocalization and highlighting the most meaningful sentence in a paragraph. I recall watching fast slides of words and sentences.

Anyway...that one summer school course gave me one of the most useful skills of my life - I read faster than anyone I know. My husband says he wished he had done something like that before medical school!

My own daughter is now 11 and is in a very traditional, competitive, academic private school in Bel Air. I cannot believe that I can't find a course like yours (and the one I did) as a live class/seminar for kids in Los Angeles,

I have two questions: Is the computer course appropriate for her, and wouldn't you love to come teach this course one weekend this summer to a group of 6th graders that I could put together for you?!!

Thank you,

Mary Larkin


I just bought your program... One for me and one for a friend.  I LOVE it.  I have installed SpeedReaderX on my home computer and have started the lessons.  I travel a lot and would like to also install it on my laptop.  May I do that?  I bought 2 SpeedReaderX's and one UltraMind Improvement.  I would like to install 1 SpeedReader and one UltraMind on both of my computers... home and travel.  Please let me know asap.  I go out of town on Wednesday night and want to continue practicing!!  Wowwee!!  This is GREAT.  !!  Well done, guys!! 

U. Power 
Los Angeles, CA



I griped a bit in email, this is the 3rd reading system I've worked on, and I didn't want to spend a lot of money. However, in just a few days of work, I began to understand that this is an excellent system, and that I'm already sure that I won't be returning it. It's so sensible, and the other elements are so important to thinking, the thing I really want
to learn. Oh, and I really appreciate these emails and hope they continue. Another chance to pick something up.

So, more succinctly, I'm really happy to get started, thanks for all, I'll
keep going, I'm sure of that,...

Regards, Tom
Thomas K of Wausau, WI


Product: Speed Reader X Version 5 CD

I just want say that I absolutely love your software. It is a straight-forward, easy to do guide to speed reading. I just admire how every lesson is pivotal to your success as a speed-reader. There is no excess, worthless trash in this software. And the process was very easy to do.

Pollob Das
12 years old


New ticket #2867 from Thomas Roberts
Posted as a followup to the solved ticket #2841.

Hi... I got the CD, thanks for your speedy response.
I am already so impressed with SpeedreaderX that I just ordered the Ultra Mind Improvement.



... After researching I decided to try your offer for the best package for my daughter's family in Hawaii--mom & dad are both teachers and my daughter is trying to pass a test for her master's in English. I'm sure this program will help her and her whole family. She needs to be able to have those classics in literature under her belt too. I truly hope this helps her and her family. I will be ordering a second for my family too. Thanks for being reasonably priced. Nancy

Nancy M in HI


It was more like fun than like learning. Jenna J - age 9



This is a short list of the Schools using Speed Reader-X in their classes. Speed Reader-X is used by schools throughout the USA, Canada, and Europe as well as in many major corporations.

Speed Reader-X is used at:

  • Upward Bound Program, Black Hills State University, SD (10 copies, 2010)
  • University of South Carolina Lancaster, 36 student license for the premium Opportunity Scholars Program (TRiO Student Support Services)
  • McIntosh County Schools Darien GA, Spoto High School 2/2009
  • Hobbes Municipal Schools NM
  • Dierks High School, Dierks AR, Class fo 20 students
  • Evangeline Parish School Board, LA Small Class License
  • Wasatch Elementary in the Ogden School district, 30 seat license UT
  • daVicni Institute High School, 30 student class, Jackson, MI
  • The Adult Education Center, 30 seat license WPB, FL
  • Faribault Public Schools Fairbault MN
  • Mr. Schultz's class, Colfax Ave Elementary School, North Hollywood, CA
  • Cornerstone Christian Church Clarksville TN
  • Hortonville School district, Hortonville Middle School in Hortonville WI
  • Monte Olivo School Doral, FL
  • Bayless High School, St Louis MO
  • Tri-County Special Education in Independence, KS
  • Saddleback Community College in Mission Viejo, CA
  • Valley Community College Kalispell MT
  • Mineral County School Dist Hawthorne NV
  • Hall High School Spring Valley IL
  • South Orange County Community College, Mission Viejo CA
  • Perrott Hill School, Somerset, England
  • Luzerne County Community College, Nanticoke, PA
  • Louisiana State University, Department of Aerospace Studies Baton Rouge, LA
  • Hunter High School, South Jordan Utah
  • Ramillies Hall School, Cheadle Cheshire, United Kingdom
  • Holmes County High School Bonifay, FL
  • Cecilia Junior High School in Cecilia, LA
  • Brain Zoom LLC, Haymarket, VA
  • Reed City Community High, Karen Knapp Class, Reed City MI
  • Trinidad State Junior College, Trinidad CO Upward Bound Program
  • Alanson Public Schools, Alanson MI J Woodbeck(12/2008)
  • Chester County Library 450 Exton Square Pkwy Exton, PA 19341-2458(12/2008)
  • Charles Barton Steps to Success, Singapore (added 12/2008)

Teacher Rick F. of Kent Meridian High School, Washington says:

WOW!!!!!! And Holy Smokes!!!!! I can’t believe it … Thank you very much … I was hoping for a low price because the school said they would not pay so I was going to try to do it out-of-pocket …I will probably try to purchase some more for another class … Once again, thank you for the ten copies, I am sure that it will change some lives here … the name of my school is Kent Meridian High School … it is located in the city of Kent in Washington State … we are the low income school in our district so the kids don’t get some of the perks that the wealthier school kids do … This will mean a lot for those that get the programs …

University of Potsdam, Germany to Prof. Johannes Haack: Speed Reader-X is for a class on cognitive strategies this fall we would like to give the students Sincerely,

Zuzanna Jakubowski Administrative Assistant


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  The Speed Reader-X system can change the way you read. You will quickly find speed reading techniques are easier than regular slow reading. Speed-Reading is not 'pushing harder'. Anyone can push harder and read faster, but this only works for a few sentences. The techniques our system teaches you will change how you read and make reading magazines and books as easy as watching a movie.  
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