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"Speed reading is one of the truly useful educational ideas of the last few years...,"

--William Proxmire
United States Senator



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It turned out to be simple.

My name is Michael Ford and I am the creator of the Speed Reader X® Training System. I wanted to share the experience that changed my life.

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Out of a Box, Good Things Come

While going through a box of audio books from a yard sale, I found two old audio cassettes on speed reading. I thought it would be interesting to listen to them in the car, while running errands around town, so I popped one in my cassette deck. After half an hour of explaining how great their system was they finally started to reveal their secrets about speed reading. I then listened to the second tape which was similar but they were not in agreement on the methods. This was confusing. The tapes also wanted you to use a stop watch and count words. It was a pain. I didn't see why anyone would bother.

This Was Big

But ...I could see the logic in the systems. Unfortunately, neither speaker seemed to really understand what they were teaching. I was still hooked. I had to know more. I started researching, reading books and testing systems trying to connect everything together. I researched the origins of speed reading and the different teaching methods that have been used in other countries for years. The research and testing behind the basic ideas of speed reading was so strong that I could hardly believe it was not being taught in public schools. I could see the potential was too big to ignore.

My Stack Grew Larger

Like many people, I have a stack of procrastination. There was a stack of books in my bedroom floor that I hoped to read eventually. I never had the time. The stack always grew taller and never shorter. I also had a stack of magazines. I hated throwing old ones out that I never had time to read. I needed something to help me catch up. Speed reading was the answer but How was now the question. After a major research and testing project, I realized that simplicity was the answer.

Simple Answer Amazing Result

The systems I had found were all dancing around a simple idea. They were padding out books to justify 300 pages with hand movement tricks, memory enhancement and lots of fluff that had nothing to do with speed reading. I wanted to learn speed reading. Period!

Take Out The Filler

I saw a need for not only a more efficient teaching system but for a reading revolution. Once I mastered the simple techniques used in speed reading, I realized I had to share this. It was simple enough for the average person and could benefit the slower and advanced readers too.

The Birth Of A New Idea

I developed my own efficient and to-the-point manual that concentrates on speed reading. There was no need for page after page of motivational-speak for the sake of filling space. I tell you what you need to know. The software helps you practice the techniques explained in the manual for accelerated results. Together they form the Speed Reader X® Training System.

Bottom Line

Can you speed read? Yes. Almost anyone can speed read. If you can read normally at a 3rd or 4th grade level, then Speed Reader XTM should help you to read much faster. The technique is simple. All you need is some easy practice with the software to build new reading skills.

How Fast? Really?

How much improvement can you expect? There are people that can, with practice, read up to 2500 words per minute. Realistically, what can you do? The average person reads from 200 to 300 words per minute. A little faster or a little slower than they speak. It is realistic to double or triple your speed quickly. With continued practice most people continue to improve and when you read you are always practicing. Many people are able to reach over 1000 words per minute. and some up to 2500 words per minute. My own results were more dramatic than I expected. I do not become bored when reading now, so I tend to read longer which means I finish books much, much faster.

Double Your Speed in 5 Minutes

There are many speed reading systems that claim you can double your reading speed in five or ten minutes. The truth is anyone can double their reading speed anytime without any instruction. You simply push harder and read faster. There is no trick to that. The problem is that you cannot sustain this reading method long enough to read a book or magazine. You need a new way to look at words and at a page. You need a method that you can maintain through an entire book.

For Everyone

Speed Reading can help both slow and fast readers. It does not depend on your education or intellect. Speed Reader X® uses the scientifically proven Achieve Learning System to accelerate the learning process and provide positive visual feedback.

Learning Is Easy

Speed Reader X® is designed to make learning speed reading fast and easy. The system consists of 10 lessons. The lesson objective is explained in the manual. You then practice the lesson using the software. As your eyes scan the text on the screen you are un-learning bad habits and learning new, good habits. You click the Next button, words flash and you begin to quickly overcome the roadblocks you were taught in school. The software helps you retrain your eyes to move smoothly over text without stumbling over words. After completing each lesson, you can see your results on the screen as the progress chart draws your latest reading speed results right in front of you. You do not have to wonder if you are making progress, you can see the numbers.

You can practice in the privacy of your own home, on your schedule. Tackle as many lessons as you wish each day.

Speed Reading For All

The Program can be used by everyone. Hollywood producers who need to read several scripts every day. Students can spend more time answering test questions instead of reading them. Adults can be more productive at work or enjoy a good book in less time. The program is suitable for ages 8 to Adult.

Speed Reading can greatly improve your life. Do you feel pressured to skim over an article someone hands you because you might be embarrassed if they thought you were a slow reader. Would your friends be amazed to see you scan through large documents to find important information. Do you want to study more easily and actually read ahead instead of always trying to catch up?

Big Names Speed Read

Many major companies and government organizations have trained their top level employees in speed reading techniques:

  • IBM
  • Microsoft
  • Xerox
  • Hewlett Packard
  • National Semiconductor
  • United States Military Academy, West Point
  • US Air Force Academy

Presidents are also among elite speed readers such as Richard Nixon and Jimmy Carter among others.

That is not all. Schools and Universities are teaching speed reading methods and many are using my software. Take a look at the school page for a short list.

Don't Cheat Yourself

I feel so strongly that everyone should learn speed reading that I am offering an unprecedented 90 day satisfaction guarantee. Plus, as a bonus I am also offering a DVD with 17,000 eBooks. That is a virtual library on disk. You can keep the bonus eBook DVD even if you should decide to return the Speed Reader X® Training Program. I am confident that once you use the system you will see the improvement in your life.

Speed reading has been around in one form or another for a long time but very few people take advantage of it or even know about it. This is your chance to join the elite group of people in the world that can speed read.

Don't miss this opportunity!

If you order now we will also include the 17,000 eBook DVD as a FREE bonus. This disk includes more books than many libraries have on their shelves including many classics and historical works. The Speed Reader X® Training System also includes a Getting-Started training video on the CD to make it as easy as possible.

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  The Speed Reader-X system can change the way you read. You will quickly find speed reading techniques are easier than regular slow reading. Speed-Reading is not 'pushing harder'. Anyone can push harder and read faster, but this only works for a few sentences. The techniques our system teaches you will change how you read and make reading magazines and books as easy as watching a movie.  
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